Le Monastere | Restaurant Costa Rica
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Le Monastère Restaurant

Situated on a hillside overlooking the San José metropolitan area in Costa Rica, Le Monastère represents a combination of quiet reflection and full-blown festivity, expertly mixed to please all facets of the dining and nightlife spectrum.

The restaurant boasts an eclectic history. Originally the home and chapel of an elite family in the early 1900’s, the buildings were later converted into a monastery for religious novitiates (of an unknown denomination). Today, the site hosts one of Central America’s best restaurants.

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In the new ambiance of Cantina La Cava a medieval-style rustic tavern below the main dining room, visitors will discover the more devilish side of Le Monastère. Music and videos Monday through Thursday and Live Music Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. The newly inaugurated and cozy space entices our guests into dancing to lively rythms, with the lights of the Central Valley at their feet.
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La Cofradía

La Cofradía del Catador  is a unique place in Costa Rica, designed for wine and good food lovers, and for all those who wish to venture into this fascinating legacy of the Old World. 

Here you can enjoy at unmatched prices, the best world-class wines.

A careful selection of wines sold by the glass and by bottle, exquisite accompaniments that perfectly combine, offer our guests an unforgettable experience.

But what does it really mean to understand the wine?

For anyone who starts in this world or just wants to enjoy a good wine, to understand it, is to know which wines are the ones you like, the ones you appreciates with a meal, when you entertain a guest, or just enjoy with a good book.

Understanding of wine is, therefore, to know of our own tastes.

In La Cofradía del Catador,   we offer you this great opportunity to come into this world and learn and enjoy in an environment created especially for this purpose. Our Sommelier will guide you and help you to understand the wine and its secrets, its many qualities and virtues and the unique experience of accompanying your meals with the appropriate wine.

Your Special Occasions
Let us know in advance that you will be celebrating your birthday, anniversary or other special occasion with us and we will prepare a surprise for you!
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